Say it in Greek!

Online Greek language lessons for elementary, intermediate & advanced students. What do you do in the lesson, as a student?

  • Send your own text, written in Greek, for corrections.
  • Receive your text back, corrected.
  • Receive exercises specially selected or created for your needs, as well as other original texts and podcasts on the same topic, using the same vocabulary.
  • Interact with other students:
    • Use the glossary and the forum, and discuss about meanings of words and expressions with teachers and other students.
    • Read other students’ texts and discuss with them and the teachers.

Each lesson is based on one text you send to us.

Are the exercises specially designed for my needs?

Yes. A lot of exercises will be prepared on the basis of your texts and mistakes. The exercises will be available to you through your lesson’s web page. They will help you to understand and correct your mistakes, and push your skills one step forward.

What can I write in Greek? I am not a writer…

Don’t worry. If you register, you’ll find instructions that will help you to express thoughts and ideas on topics you are interested in, without being a writer. Take some minutes and register.

Do you feel that your level is not that advanced to write something in Greek?

Don’t worry: There are ideas for students in elementary levels as well.

How much does it cost?

It’s free (4 lesson subscription) for students who have already registered in our Greek language courses that will take place this year on the island of Ikaria, or have already registered in a lesson in Oslo (for 2019 – 2020). We’ll be happy to start working with you as soon as possible!

For all the others:

  • Free trial (the first lesson is free).
  • 4 lessons: 140 Euros
  • 12 lessons: 390 Euros (paid as a monthly subscription, 130/month x 3 months)
  • 24 lessons: 780 Euros (paid as a monthly subscription, 130/month x 6 months)
  • Online private tutoring over webinars: 20 Euros/1h (60min). You can add hours anytime via the application. This is an additional service for students already registered in an active lesson.

Create an account
and start your first lesson, no matter what your level is!

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