Private Greek conversation lessons

Additional private lessons (one teacher – one student) via web-meetings. During the lessons you can see and talk with your teacher. An on-line whiteboard is also used. If you are familiar with an application like skype, we can use it for voice and video chat. If not, don’t worry.  We’ll use our own solutions, without any need to install anything in your computer. The teacher sends a link, the student clicks on it, and the video call starts!

  • We offer lessons on web-meetings ONLY to our students already registered in our online lessons (“Starting Greek” or “Say it in Greek“).
  • In the meetings students practice with the teacher the material of the online lessons (either “Starting Greek” or “Say it in Greek“).
  • Each meeting lasts for 1 hour (60 min).
  • Fee: 20 Euros per hour.

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