On-line Greek language courses

A brilliant idea if you want to start or keep learning Greek while being away Greece, and have no time to attend a "live" class with a teacher!

We can also claim that many times students will have faster progress in our online lessons than in a "live" course. In our on-line program students work alone, according to their own time schedule, on course materials available on-line, on this site. This is called "asynchronous study".

Each course focuses to let students enrich their vocabulary, improve in listening and writing and their ability to express themselves. There is always an "asynchronous" contact with a teacher and other students, via course forums and emails. Essays are sent to the teachers for correction. Texts and podcasts as well as Grammar tables and fill the gaps exercises are used in the course.

Students may also participate in group sessions with a teacher via web conference. Private sessions are also an option. In this way they can exercise speaking and come in personal contact with the teacher. No need for any special equipment or software is necessary for on-line study or web-conferences. Just a computer with a browser connected to the Internet, or even a smart phone with internet connection is enough.

The material of each course covers 60 hours of teaching in a class, which is the equivalent of one semester, if someone attends a class 2 hours per week (60h : 2h/week=30 weeks)

If you have already registered in an on-line course, follow the directions in the email to gain access to the course. If you are on of our previous students or a visitor to this site and want to look at a course, please contact us You can take free access for a week, in order to check if you are interested to continue.

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