Greek language lessons for absolute beginners: 

  • First 6 lessons: 270 Euros
    Each lesson is consisted by 6 private web-meetings (one teacher and you, both sitting in front of a computer with a web-camera). Each meeting lasts for lasting 1 hour. Each lesson also includes on-line texts combined with audio files (you can always listen what you read), vocabulary and grammar exercises. as well as assignments you must send to your teacher for corrections.

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Greek language lessons for all the others:

If you are NOT an absolute beginner:

  • First course (6 lessons): 180 Euros. Each lesson is consisted by a blog of texts combined with video or audio files (you can listen what you read), vocabulary and grammar exercises, as well as assignments that must be sent to your teacher for correction. The first lesson is a trial lesson. You don’t have to pay for it, if you don’t continue.
  • If you continue for an other 6 lesson: 170 Euros (5% off the starting fee)
  • Extra private lessons via web-meetings (one teacher and you, both sitting in front of a computer with a web-camera)• :20 Euros / hour
    Private lessons via web meetings is an optional choice for existing students. If you want to attend, you must first register in our on-line lessons.

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-You complete a course when you send the lessons’ assignments for corrections.
-You have a deadline of 12 months in order to complete a course. After the end of the 12 months, we keep the right to block your access, even delete your files, unless if you renew  your subscription for another 12 months. You can renew your subscription for the next 12 months, if you register in the next course (another 6 lessons).
– Trial lesson: If you don’t register in a lesson withing 1 month after the beginning of your trial lesson, we keep the right to delete your content and block your access to our lessons.

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