How much?

Over the web (normal courses)
• Trial lesson, for free
• 6 lessons (one course) – 180 Euros
• If you continue for an other 6 lesson, -5% (170 Euros)
Extra private lessons over web-meetings (one teacher and you, in-front of a web camera)
• 20 Euros / hour
Private lessons over web-conference is an optional-choice. You cannot register for private lessons over web conference, without attending a normal lesson.
For absolute beginners
• 290 Euros (the first 6 lessons)
First 5 lessons for absolute beginners include participation to a normal course (on-line materials, assignments etc) +5 hours of private tuition over web-meetings. Each web-meeting lasts for 1hour and it’s skype-free. (For the web-meeting you only need a computer with internet connection, no special software to install.)

Please note:
– Each course is consisted by 5 lessons.
-You complete a course when you send the lessons’ assignments for corrections. Each lesson contains 1 assignment.
-You have a deadline of 6 months in order to complete a course. After that you can keep access to the same lessons only if you pay again the 50% of the tuition.
-You keep access to your lessons for another 6 months after the submission of the last assignment, unless if you continue for another 6 lessons. If you don’t continue within 6 months after the submission of the last assignment of your last course, we keep the right to delete your content from our servers bloc your access to the lessons you have already have taken.
– Trial lesson: If you don’t continue withing 1 month after the end of your trial lesson, we delete your content and block your access to our lessons.

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