On-line Greek language courses – How does it work?

You subscribe for 12 Greek language lessons online.  Each lesson includes texts,  as well as grammar, vocabulary and listening exercises. You are expected to finish the 12 lessons in 12 weeks (3 months) however youwork on your own rhythm and finish earlier or later.  You have access to the material and you can work with them any time, from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The material include texts, grammar and a lot of listening exercise. Although there are many quiz with automatic feedback, you are not working alone; you are sending essays and assignments for correction to a teacher.  The teacher monitors your effort and evaluates your progress.  The teacher is also available to answer any kind of questions you may have, via email and forums.

If you want to practice speaking,  you can also book any time private lessons with a teacher (one teacher – one student) via video conference, with an extra charge.

Free Courses

Take a free course, test our method and see if you want to continue. Free courses will be available soon ...
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Live Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria

For 25 years, we also offer "live" Greek language lessons on the island of Ikaria, Greece ...
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