Learn Greek online, with a teacher

Use Internet to learn Greek in an asynchronous way, whenever you have free time. Moreover, keep close contact with your teacher via the forums and the commenting system of this site.

Hellenic Circles of Courses by Ikarian Centre


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We are qualified language teachers. We have run Ikarian Centre, a Greek language school for non-native speakers on the Greek island of Ikaria since 1995. We can definitely teach you on the web, all we ask you is to give us a try!

How does it work?

  • Through this site we give you access to texts, video & audios, grammar, vocabulary games and quiz.
  • A teacher is continuously monitoring your work. Moreover you can ask help from your teacher anytime via this web site.
  • You complete assignments and send them to the teachers for correction
  • You see the assignments of other students and discuss about them.
  • Lesson over web meetings (using applications like skype) can be optionally arranged, as an additional activity.Create an account and test how it is working. We’ll give you access to the first lesson for free
How can I start with a Greek language lesson?

How can I start with a Greek language lesson?

Register in this web site. In the registration form you have to answer some questions that will help us to estimate your skills and create the appropriate curriculum for you. After you register, we'll give you access to a first trial lesson, for a month. If you like it you can pay the fee and continue to the next lessons of the course. Each course includes 6 lessons. Each lessons includes texts accompanied by videos and audios (you must listen what you read), a variety of “fill the gap" exercises and other games,  and assignments you must send back to the teacher for corrections.You can complete the lessons anytime within 12 moths from the first day you have access to the lesson's materials. You complete a lesson, when you send the lesson's assignments to the teacher and receive them back, corrected. If you want to practice your verbal skills, Private tuition via web meetings (one teacher and you) are also possible, with an extra charge.
Who can register?

Who can register?

Greek learners of every level (A1-C2) can register and participate in the on-line lessons.

I am an absolute beginner

If you are an absolute beginner, you must take your first 6 lessons in private tuition, face to face with your teacher over web-meetings. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour. It's very important to learn how to read and pronounce words, and it's much more efficient if you do it with a real person. In addition, there are many questions to be answered, and it's much more efficient to meet your teacher. When you'll have achieved a certain level after these first 6 lessons, it will be much easier to continue studding in an asynchronous, whenever you have time, and post your questions and assignments to your teacher via this web site.
What about the course level?

What about the course level?

A consultation web-meeting with one of our teachers will be very helpful in order to create the appropriate curriculum for you. After you register you'll be able to book the time for a meeting. You'll also find a grading quiz. Although both, the consultation web-meeting as well as the grading quiz can help us to estimate your level, if you don't have time for any, it doesn't matter.  We'll give you access to a lesson according your answers in the registration form. If necessary we'll give you access to more than one lessons and let you chose which one you find closer to your needs.
Any questions?

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to call (Tel: +30 22750 61177) or send email
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