Learn Greek online by a teacher

Many times people want to keep learning Greek in their place but there is no teacher to teach them. Our courses can cover this gap: We would like to offer a series of long-distance lessons over the internet, where teacher and student can contact in an asychronus way, over the internet. Students recive materials from the teachers and return their assigments for corrections and notes. Meanwhile students can work on their own rythm and way, the time they want. One-to-one online video meetings (one student – one teacher), via aplications like skype, are also possible as an optional and extra acitivty. But they are not a must. Students can keep working with the materials on their own schedule and ruthym, while they will be monitoring by a teacher.

The materials include online textbooks as well as grammar books with a lot of exercises (fill in the gaps, flash cards etc). The materials also include a lot of audio and video files as well as speaking exersices. In this way students also parctise in listening / speaking. Students’ assigments and the corrections by the teachers are open to every student of the site. In this way, students can discuss about their mistakes and learn from the mistakes and corrections made by the others.

Last but not least, the intial lessons are free, so students can evaluate the quality of the lessons we offer before they start pay a tuition.

For the moment, the courses are in a pilot operation mode. Currently we offer free courses, mainly to our former students. Soon will open the courses to everybody. If you would like to be noticied, please register on this site

Check our “live” Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria

Check our "live" Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria

For the last 25 years, we also offer “live” Greek language lessons on the island of Ikaria, Greece, as well as other places of the world. If you want to participate in Greek language course in Greece, or just to check who we are and what else we offer, check our main web site: http://www.ikariancentre.com